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  • Vintage Graduation Ring
    Vintage Graduation Ring
    from ($198) $139
  • Diploma Scroll Graduation Ring
    Diploma Scroll Graduation Ring
    from ($198) $139
  • 2018 Infinity Ring
    2018 Infinity Ring
    from ($198) $139
  • 2018 Graduation Key Pendant
    2018 Graduation Key Pendant
    from ($184) $129
  • Graduation Name Necklace
    Graduation Name Necklace
    from ($149) $69
  • Engravable Double Bar Graduation Cap Necklace
    Engravable Double Bar Graduation Cap Necklace
    from ($179) $89
  • 2018 Key to the Future Pendant
    2018 Key to the Future Graduation Pendant
    from ($184) $129
  • 2019 Graduation Key Pendant
    2019 Graduation Key Pendant
    from ($184) $129
  • Name Necklace - Glamorous Font
    Name Necklace - Glamorous Font
    from ($129) $59
  • Roman Numeral Graduation Ring
    Roman Numeral Graduation Ring
    from ($155) $109
  • 2019 Infinity Ring
    2019 Infinity Ring
    from ($198) $139
  • Engravable Double Heart Gemstone Tiara Ring with Accents
    Engravable Double Heart Gemstone Tiara Ring with Accents
    from ($270) $189
  • 2019 Key to the Future Pendant
    2019 Key to the Future Graduation Pendant
    from ($184) $129
  • Teddy Bear Graduation Necklace
    Teddy Bear Graduation Necklace
    from ($184) $129
  • Graduate Cap Charm
    Graduate Cap Charm
    from ($141) $99
  • Wise Owl Caged Pendant
    Wise Owl Caged Pendant
    from ($198) $139
  • Infinite Love Name Bracelet
    Infinite Love Name Bracelet
    from ($179) $89
  • The Glamorous Name Bracelet
    The Glamorous Name Bracelet
    from ($129) $59
  • The Flourish Name Bracelet
    The Flourish Name Bracelet
    from ($129) $59
  • Mini Personalized Name Necklace
    Mini Personalized Name Necklace
    from ($129) $59
  • Classic Name Bar Pendant with Accent
    Classic Name Bar Pendant with Accent
    from ($179) $89
  • Fancy Stone Set Bow Ring
    Fancy Stone Set Bow Graduation Ring
    from ($255) $179
  • Timeless Romance Ring
    Timeless Romance Ring
    from ($198) $139
  • Fairytale Princess Tiara Ring
    Fairytale Princess Tiara Ring
    from ($212) $149
  • Stylized Name Necklace
    Stylized Name Necklace
    from ($149) $69
  • Birthstone Name Bar Pendant
    Birthstone Name Bar Pendant
    from ($229) $109
  • Vertical Birthstone Bar Pendant
    Vertical Birthstone Bar Pendant
    from ($199) $99
  • Small Monogram Name Pendant
    Small Monogram Name Pendant
    from ($179) $89
  • Diploma Key Pendant
    Diploma Key Pendant
    from ($184) $129
  • Proud Graduate Owl Pendant
    Proud Graduate Owl Pendant
    from ($198) $139
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Graduation Gifts

One of the most universally measured forms of accomplishment is education – and it’s an accomplishment worth recognition and commemoration. For the student in your life, Graduation Day is the culmination of endless effort and sacrifice. It’s about those late nights spent studying and hard work on extra projects for high school students. It’s about balancing work, homework and internships for your college student. Not to mention a parent’s, spouse’s or friend’s sacrifice and strength offered throughout all admissions, auditions and everything in between.

Celebrate your graduate by personalizing a graduation gift that forever reminds them of this incredible accomplishment. Customize a piece in gold, silver, white gold or rose gold using their birthstones. Engrave the date or a phrase that describes your pride and joy about their accomplishments. However you choose to customize and remember this extraordinary occasion – your graduate will be thrilled!

Featured Graduation Gift

JWLG0017 Crevice Grooved Graduation Rings

Two round gemstones are stored within these grooved square-topped ring. A second deep groove surrounds the ring, cutting through the gemstone groove.


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